Sunday, February 7, 2010

heart cookies..

I never have anything interesting to say! I'm not creative word wise, I'm more of a artsy person.
So as the last post said spirit week started and i have been super pumped to raise a lot of money for Pendleton place. And Friday was kick off to this awesome week. Saturday i helped set up for stampede for hope, and at first i didn't really want to be there and in my head all I thought about was myself until I realized as i was cleaning my room, that it wasn't if I was warm enough or awake enough to help cause I have a house to sleep in that is heated and clean and i can sleep whenever i want, but the pendleton kids didn't have that til they got to pendleton place and so that's why i was helping in the first place...Thank You Lord, Thank You for providing in my life, providing everything I need to be successful. I just want to be your hands and feet!!!
Anyways, after working I went to a Rave, which was awesome. ha ha, it was crazy with all the bright colors and flashing lights! it was a blast and a great event to have my senior year of high school!
Thanks to wonderful Sheila, who made some wonderful heart cookies! thank you! they were delicious!
Now today, its super bowl Sunday and where am i spending it, I don't know exactly! I helped set up for the senior citizen ball today for spirit week and it was fantastic,I hope all the seniors like it!

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