Sunday, February 14, 2010

time to KILL!

I'm posting because i need some time to kill! Yes, im working and have been been working hard for about 3 hours now!

It's Valentine's day, also known as Single's Awarness Day, or SAD DAY! lol Of course I don't have a Valentine except for my mom! Which means # 34 on my goals list is going to have to wait for tomorrow! Let's just hope i'll have an actual Valentine next year!

Check up on my goals:
#3 stop biting my nails! they look really nice now!
#4 loose 20 lbs before april-its going really slow at the moment
#20 visit a foreign country- t minus 129 days until Argentina!
#27 Write hand written letters to my grandparents- i think i will do that tomorrow!
#54 read the whole new testament in a month- its definetly coming along
#92 go to more than one prom this year- my chances are looking pretty slim!

#87 play powderpuff at my school! oh yea! its done! and i want to play some more!

#51- dress up everyday for spirit week! i failed at this! Spirit week was last week and i only dressed up two days out of the six! how sad!


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