Monday, February 1, 2010

coming along

Currently the status on my goals are underway!

#3 is certainly coming along! i cant stop playing with them! (Bittin my nails)
#4 i went to the gym, in which i met an older man who taught me some vital gym lessons! thanks Harold! I think I will meet this goal sucessfully thanks to him (loss 20 pounds before april!)
#11 become a better driver! hmmm....well its slowly coming together!(become a better driver)
#14 i think this will be the week i choose! (say nothing mean about anyone or anything for a week!)
#54 is definetly underway! i may be behind but ill catch up! thank you grace days!(read the WHOLE New Testament in a month
#87 i had practice today and the game is on the 9th of february, lets hope i kill it out there!(play powderpuff at my school

Today went by really fast, this year is going by fast! Well anyways I just wanted to say thanks to Jesus for everything he has done for me, I LOVE YOU!

love lexy!

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