Wednesday, March 10, 2010

booooy, its been quite some time!

Im in week number three of boot camp (if you didnt know, i joined a boot camp to get fit and feel better about my body!) Im doing greatttt! I never thought i would be able to work out in a boot camp with out being a cry baby! but im doing it! though i have the occasional asthma attack, i still finish strong thanks to AWESOME HEATHER COOLEY!!! she is such a motivator! and a special thanks to other boot campers who encourage me to keep going and make sure i am ok!
#3: not going so well, i started to bite my nails one day and eliminated all the process i made! oh man!
#4: (lose 20 lbs)definitly under way, thanks to boot camp, and even if its not 20 lbs. i'll just be happy with my improvement in strength and endurance!
#16: i still havent fasted yet, but i am starting hopefully tomorrow!
#24: I successfully watched my sister's keeper without crying! only because it didnt even resemble the book at all!
#36: i have thought of a funny story to post, ill be adding to their site verry very soon! i'll post a link as soon

Anyways, so life has been kinda hectic, work, workouts, prom drama, school and more work! Im just living life, loving it! God, is really showing me the way. Before i did newthru30, when people talked about stories in the bible, i had no clue what they were talking about but now i do. i finally realize how good and mighty MY KING is! I love HIM! HE is such an AWESOME GOD!

alexys :)