Sunday, April 18, 2010

completed # 36

YES! another one! i completed #36 think of a hilarious story to put on my-life-is-average, and i did! ill let you know when it will be published! but i did it! ands its awesome!

Last night was amazing!!!! haha Hollie and I planned to prank her friends car and so we decided to prank some others while we were in the pranking spirit. So Hollie, Ellie and i went to Wal-Mart and picked up suran wrap, milk, a HUGE chocolate bunny, glow sticks and cheerio's! First place we headed was our lead pastor's house! he talked about how he loves to sit and eat the ears off of a chocolate bunny, then fill it with milk! so all of us took bits off the bunny and set it upon his door step, filled it with milk and took some pictures, knocked and RAN LIKE WILDFIRE! haha Hilarious! it was awesome (pictures coming soon!), then since our recently old youth pastor was close by we headed over reminiscing over when he told us he hated Cheerio's! So we covered his windows in sayings and cheerio's and then suran wrapped his car, then covered his porch and driveway, as well as his car, in cheerio's! it was classic then all of a sudden a car flashes by and we duck! The we all dash to my car and as i try to turn it on, it pudders! My battery goes dead!!!! then this BMW, with TWO of the CUTTEST guys stops to help us! wheew! they were gleaming with generosity and handsomeness pulled over and helped me jump my car! aw! my knights in shinning armour! then it didnt last long cause i was too shy to say anything else but THANK YOU! and as they drove away, all i could see was a lifetime of happiness! and then we all become depressed, wishing we would have talked or flirted more! so we drove away hoping and wishing but we moved on to kelsey's house! we did our thing and we went back to dustins house, hoping they were looking for us too! WE WERE DESPERATE!! we searched the whole neighborhood, then found a car exactly like theirs and touched it to see if it was still warm like, someone was in it but no! it was stonecold! so we headed over to courtney, dras, rebas, and elizabeths! and made it a luai themed party in the front yard and on the cars! it looked great! and that was our night, as well as our constant glow stick party in the car! and this is to be continued for sure!

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