Thursday, January 28, 2010


I thought i would make some changes to the list to fit me better! Enjoy!

God gives us dreams a size to big so we can grow into them!

1 Graduate High School with all A's
2 Join the Air Force
3 Stop bitting my nails
4 drop 20 lbs before april 2010
5 take a road trip without ANY preparations
6 go on a 1st date
7 enroll in college
8 go a whole month w/o checking facebook
9 visit Germany and the Holocaust Museums
10 go skydiving
11 become a better driver
12 go to an outrageous party
13 go to the dance club on my 18th
14 go a whole week without saying anything mean
15 throw an extraoridnary party
16 fast for 30 days
17 lead a recycle revolution
18 get a first kiss
19 write a book or autobiography, even though no one may ever read it
20 visit a foreign country, mexico has already been tackled!
21 play the lottery(until I win)
22 do a daily devotional
23 go one month w/o purchasing from glam
24 watch my sister's keeper w/o crying
25 continue to add to my savings account til it reaches $1,000
26 plant a large pot of flowers and maintain it over the spring and summer
27 send hand written letters to my grand parents
28 get the biggest game of Bunny Bunny going and WIN!
29 host a twilight marathon
30 pay for the person behind me in a drive thru
31 have a bonfire @ the end of the school year and roast marshmallows over our burning papers
32 buy a pair of Toms
33 rap to a complete stranger
34 have a valentine...
35 walk up to dark tinted windows and check myself out....ha
36 think of a very funny story to post on My Life Is Average
37 get a hilarious license plate
38 do a flash mob in a funny restaraunt
39 go a whole day pretending to have the Force
40 find a funny suit and run down Woodruff road
41 play scrabble with an older man?
42 give a cute, yet random guy my number
43 run a marathon with sophie
44 drive carefully enough to never get pulled over
45 go parasailing
46 declare a major in my freshman year of college
47 join a club in college
48 pray for and with a complete stranger
49 go to StoryCorps, in NYC.
50 Start a fist pump at prom2010
51 dress up everyday during spirit week
52 go ziplinning somewhere amazing
53 successfully fast with the church
54 read the WHOLE New Testament in a month
55 bring BopIt to Graduation
56 kiss a random person at a party
57 go streaking...
58 go white water rafting
59 try a new kind of food (thai, Korean)
60 get a tatoo
61 go hot air ballooning
62 go bungie jumping off a bridge
63 train my dog to shake
64 record my accomplishments on a blog
65 go on a ghost hunt or tour
66 go down the Black Diamond trail, skiing
67 learn to water ski and wakeboard
68 cook an intricate dinners for a week for my family
69 host a formal dinner for all my friends
70 crash a wedding
71 learn to ride a unicycle
72 learn to tango
73 make someone's wish come true
74 take a hike
75 take a train some where random
76 become a vegetarian for a week
77 give some one a treat for stoping to help me on the side of the road, even though i dont need help.
78 skip a day of school
79 do something worthy enough to be on People of
80 do the dirty(dance move) during church
81 wear one color head to toe
82 win a game of phase 10, two times in a row
83 yell "i call the chubby one!" everytime i see a group of guys
84 ask a guy...out on a the movies
85 grab a stranger's butt
86 learn how to become a representative in the house for South Carolina
87 Play Powderpuff at my school
88 become fluent in any language
90 see john mayor live
91 try sushi
92 go to more than one prom this year
93 go to the Ramp again over new years!!!!
94 encourage others to make a goals list!
95 dye my hair a different color, something fun, maybe purple?
96 have an incredible senior prank
97 get my cartilage pierced in my left ear!
98 dont pay with change for a year and when the year is up, count it and give it to charity!
99 go crazy with my make up for a month, no restrictions! that means crazy eyeshadow!
100 win something on the radio!
101 start a new list after i achieve everything ont this list!

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